ALL IN 20 Jetons Double Butted Stainless Steel Spokes

Lighter parts are usually less robust. These spokes however are the exception to that rule as they’re lighter and can take more abuse than non-butted spokes. „Butting“ means that we changed the spokes’ diameter in the middle, where the loads aren’t as high as on the ends. That way the spokes are more flexible and can bend before they would break. In contrast to normal butted spokes that are 1,8 mm in the middle we reduced the diameter even more to 1,6 mm. This way these spokes are almost as light as titanium spokes while also being much more robust and cheaper. And while we’re suckers for saving weight everywhere we can we’re still including brass nipples with these spokes. Thank us in a few years when your wheels are still perfectly straight.
Spoke Length 
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